Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Finished make :: Burda style top

I bought a copy of Burda Style magazine in May last year when I first thought about making more use of my sewing machine, but it wasn't until last month that I actually tried to make one of the patterns.

I picked a 'easy to sew, with simple features' pattern which I thought was about my level.

I thought rather than buy some woven trimming for the strap details that I would crochet something instead.

I found it quite difficult to sew this top - the instructions were quite basic - probably a bit too basic for someone who is still a bit of a novice. Some of the terms used weren't really explained eg 'edgestitch' - a bit of googling did help though.

I also had to make an adjustment to the pattern (like with the Sorbetto top due to my seemingly odd measurement from the shoulder to underarm) but that adjustment meant that where the strap needed to be secured at the front and back were not longer the same width so I ended up adding a fabric strap that was slimmer at one end than the other and stitching that in place. It's covered by the crochet detail so you can't really see this fix!

When it came to the final stages of adding the crochet detail to the straps I wasn't entirely happy with the crochet that I produced so had another attempt - what you can see in the finished pictures below. I'm not sure I'm still entirely happy but it's something I can easily replace as it is just hand stitched onto fabric straps.

And here's the final top:

And this is the crochet detail on the strap, just a simple fan pattern using some DK yarn.

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