Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Review :: Felt gingerbread men free kit

In a change to the other free gifts I've reviewed recently, I loved this one. It included all the key materials, the instructions made sense and the end product was great.

The gingerbread men shapes were pre-cut in the felt, which took some of the magic (or hassle) out of making it yourself. The white detail was sticky backed felt which I'd not used before, and seems like a great idea, although the stickiness wasn't sticky enough so I also stitched these in place.

The hardest bit was stuffing the arms and legs, I ended up using the bobbly end of a knitting needle to push the stuffing into the appendages.

Here's my finished fellow ...

And this is how it should look ...

A pretty good outcome, in my opinion and they've got me in the Christmassy making mood.

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