Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Finished make :: Felt Holly Garland

This comes from the 2014 edition of Prima Christmas Makes magazine. I knew the minute I saw the project that this is one I would make - it is such a simple idea but it looks great. It also goes nicely with my holly garland tinsel (from The 99p Shop).

All you need to do is cut the holly leaves out of a range of different green felts and then stitch them together with some red felt berries.

There was a template for the holly provided in the magazine, but I didn't want all my holly leaves identical so I started cutting them freehand. The easiest way I found of doing this was to cut a strip of felt then holding folded in half lengthways cut the holly shape out. I also cut the berries freehand as I wasn't worried about having them too round in shape.

When stitching them together I decided to hand stitch them. I used some crochet cotton - about 2m in length. I stitched running stitch and tied knots either side of each felt shape just to hold it in place.

And this is the finished garland all hung up ...

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