Sunday, 14 December 2014

Finished make :: Ivy Wreath

I decided the front of our house wasn't looking very Christmassy but I'm not able to compete with the scale of the decorations of one house a couple of streets away.

So I decided to make myself a wreath to hang on the handy little hook just above the little window on our door.

I didn't want anything too fancy or requiring too many materials and while sitting on my sofa with a cup of tea yesterday morning looking at the unkempt state on my garden I had a stroke of inspiration - a bit of trimming = foliage for a wreath. The only Christmassy plant in the garden is ivy so my wreath is plain but I think it looks lovely.

Here's how I made it...


  • foliage
  • scissors or secateurs
  • string

Firstly I cut a length of Ivy that gave a circle of about 25cm diameter (I'll let you do the maths as to how long that needs to be). Overlapping the ends slightly I tied these with some bakers twine (recycled from my recent Lucky Dip Club box) - you can trim the end or use it to create a hanger for your wreath.

I then cut some shorter pieces to weave into the base of the wreath. I tried to pick leafier lengths for this. Keep on weaving in pieces until you are happy with the thickness.

To finish off I cut some individual larger leaves and wove those in where there was too much twiggage.

And here's the finished wreath sitting proudly on my door in the gorgeous Peckham sunshine...

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