Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Tutorial :: Mini monogrammed stockings

So I'm a sucker for chocolate coins at Christmas time and ended up buying some more, the aim was to give them to my nieces. Rather than just wrap them up I wanted to put them in something a bit more special, so I came up with the plan of making the a mini stocking.

  • Paper, pencil, scissors - for the template
  • Felt, pins, needle, thread - for the stocking
  • Yarn, crochet hook - for the trimming
First step was to draw a template out of some scrap paper. Once I'd finally got a stocking shape I cut this out then drew round it on the red felt.

If you are using a pen to draw round the template, just flip the template over before you draw round the second part of the stocking so all the pen marks are on the wrong side.

Cut out your stocking shapes and also a length of felt about 1cm width to use as the hanger.

Put the right sides together and start stitching around the outside - you can use a machine or stitch by hand as I did - it doesn't take too long.

The fold over the strip and stitch it to the inside of the stocking. You stocking should look something like this.

The next step is to add some embellishment - I picked some fluffy yarn which started life as a scarf from a pound shop and which took me ages to unravel, but anyway ... I crocheted a strip using the yarn and a 4.5mm crochet hook as it was hard working with this yarn on a smaller hook. The border was 6 stitches wide and was worked in half doubles (UK term half trebles) until the piece was wide enough. After stitching the two ends together and weaving in the tails, I stitched the border in place making sure the stitching was fairly sweat as it could be seen.

The final touch was embellishing a monogram to the stocking. I used a bit of the yarn and worked the lettering in chain stitch.

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