Monday, 1 December 2014

Review :: Retro Bauble Decoration free kit

To get started with my 24 days of Christmas Makes challenge that I've set myself, I thought I'd start simple with making the free gift that came with the most recent edition of Mollie Makes Magazine.

How exciting a larger than normal packet containing this month's free gift!

However, I wasn't entirely convinced by the retro deer design but thought what the heck I'll give it a go - it's Christmas after all.

The templates in the magazine were half size. I decided that I'd just make the kit at that size because setting up my printer to get the right size templates was too much hassle!

After tracing the templates I started constructing the bauble. I read through the instructions but mostly just followed the picture.
I also decided to stitch the deer in place rather than glue it - I think it looks better and is longer lasting but also I didn't have any appropriate glue.

This is what my finished bauble looked like ...

And this is what it should have looked like ... (sorry both the photos are a bit rubbish)

I really enjoyed making this kit and think the half sized version looks really great. It also meant that I was left with enough felt to make some further baubles, deer embellished or not using the same basic design.

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