Thursday, 18 December 2014

Finished make :: Pantomime costume

This wasn't a Christmas make I had planned, but on Friday night I was informed that a costume was required for the staff panto at the school where my other half works.

Each year a pantomime is customised to fit with the school staff/personalities. I've seen Aladdin, Robin Hood, Grease (yes not strictly a panto) among others over the years.

This year the panto is Alice in Wonderland and my other half gets to play the King of Hearts. A crown and a 'cape' (as he called it) were requested. So on Sunday we hit the pound shops of Peckham to purchase supplies.

We (meaning I) ended up turning two giant santa sacks, an old sheet and some glittery red gift tags into a cape and a kids foam crown and some more glittery red gift tags into a crown.

Just in case you ever have the need to make yourself such a costume this is how I created my masterpiece...
(Warning there is a lot of glue gunning involved!)

Take your foam crowns and assemble checking the fit. If the crown needs to be a little bigger cut a strip of something else (I used the other crown in the pack). Glue gun the bits together.

Using a heart shaped cookie cutter (or something else heart shaped) as a template draw heart shapes onto the back of the glittery gift tags and cut these out. Glue gun glittery four glitter hearts to the crown.

Stand back and admire your work, but not for too long as you have a 'cape' to make.

Pull the felt santas off the santa sacks, don't worry too much about the neatness and to be honest as the santa sacks are from a poundshop they'll not be well glued and will come off fairly easily. Just be careful not to rip the sack. Unpick the seams of the sack so you have two large pieces of felt. Cut a strip off one of the sacks about 3cm wide. Pin and stitch the two santa sacks together. Add some folds around the collar area and pin the strip of felt to the inside. Make sure the ends of the strip of felt have some overlap. Sew in place the strip and add a popper. For a little extra decadence add a heart shaped sequin to hide the popper.

Next add your embellishments. I cut out some large white hearts from an old sheet using pinking sheers. Glue gun these in place - I covered the bits where I'd pulled off the felt santas. Add some large hearts to the inside of the 'cape' too so that there is a bit of interest for the audience when your actor is standing delivering their lines (or dancing to Happy by Pharrell as in this panto). The final flourish is to glue gun the remanining glittery hearts inside the white hearts.

Et voila.

One very special panto costume.

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