Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Finished make :: Scandinavian figurines

This cute little kit was another purchase from Tiger Stores.

Not quite as reproduceable at home as the fabric hearts - but you could probably use wine corks and get a similar effect.

As with the fabric heart kit it came with everything you need (apart from a needle, scissors and a dab of glue - to keep their hats on their heads).

The instructions were basic, but you didn't need anything more complex.

The first step was to stitch some detail onto the tunic.

The sew the tunic closed at the back. The burlap was a a bit more difficult to work with than the felt because of the wide open weave you just have to be careful not to pull too tight.

The hair was made by plaiting the natural fibres and securing with thread. And the hat was made by folding the tube of knitting and tying up the top of the hat with some thread.

The hat and hair just wouldn't stay in place so I used a small amount of glue from my glue gun to hold them both in place.

And you end up with something like this ...

Now I just need to find somewhere to put them amongst all my other decorations ...

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