Monday, 8 December 2014

Finished make :: Twig star decorations


Another case of pinspiration - this time star decorations made from twigs. Here are a couple of different styles of twig stars I've found. 

Here's how I made mine ...


  • Some dry twigs - I used some thin ones as this is what I had readily available in my garden but you could try different thicknesses
  • Some thread, yarn or twine
  • Needle (if using thread)
  • Scissors

Collect yourself some sticks. Try and find ones of similar thicknesses. Not all of mine were the same shade of twig brown but I think that adds to their charm. 

Trim your sticks so they are about the same length. I took my shortest stick which was about 8-10cm and trimmed the others to that length. Try to make sure you cut straightish rather than curvey sections where possible. 

Tie the thread to the twig. I did a double knot as it was more secure. 

Hold the second stick so it forms. Short V shape and then wrap the yarn round various different ways until you feel it is secure.

Tie off the thread and then weave in the ends before trimming close to the threads. 

Keep adding more sticks, until you've joined them all. 

Manipulate the sticks into the star shape. As you can see here some of the twigs go over and under the others, I found this gave the stars more stability. 

Time to bind the final two twigs. Weaving them over and under each other also means the star doesn't lose its shape when you let go to bind the twigs. 

The final step is to add a hanging string. Oh and to find somewhere to hang 'em. 

They are lovely but have a hint of Blair Witch Project about them...

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