Saturday, 14 February 2015

Finished make :: Colourful crochet circles placemat

So this is the first project I've completed to help me improve my crochet. The technique and stitches are fairly simple if you've been crocheting for a while like I have. However, for me the new skill is designing, writing up and sharing a pattern of my own creation.

We sit and eat our dinner on our sofa and often I will bring the pan of food into the living room and dish up in situ. In those instances I've been using a folded up tea towel to prevent the hot pan damaging the coffee table. This had lead to tea towels building up in the living room looking rather unsightly. 

I wanted to change this and create a placemat/table runner in bright colours to match the decor in the living room.

Here's how I made it ...

4mm crochet hook 
DK yarn - 8 warm colours (reds, oranges, pinks and yellows)
DK yarn - 8 cool colours (blues, turquoises and greens).
DK yarn - cream
large eyed needle

(US terms first, UK in brackets)
Single crochet - sc (double crochet - dc)
Half double crochet - hdc (half treble crochet - htc)
Double crochet - dc (treble crochet - tc)
Treble crochet - tc (double treble crochet - dtc)
Slip stitch - ss
Chain - ch

The three circles of this pattern (rounds 1-3) should alternate between 'warm' colours and 'cool' colours how you combine them is up to you. I'll give a chart at the end showing the colour combinations I used if you want to replicate my colour combinations, but as a lot of the yarn I used was of unrecorded origin you won't be able to reproduce something identical!

Round 1: Using the magic loop technique, make 8dcs (scs) into the loop and pull tight. Slip stitch and fasten off. You don't need to leave a long end especially if you use this technique.  

Round 2: Join the next colour and make 2dcs (scs) in each stitch. Slip stitch and fasten off (16 stitches)

Round 3: Join the next colour and work dc, 2dc all the way around. Slip stitch and fasten off (24 stitches)

Round 4: Join the next colour and make 1dc(sc) in the stitch where you joined the yarn. Work as follows in each stitch around *htc, 2tc in same stitch, ch 2, 2tc in same stitch, htc, 3dc* completing 3 corners, for the 4th corner work as indicated but only complete 2dc. Slip stitch and fasten off.

Round 5: Join the outer colour
Create 28 blocks with cool colours in the centre and 28 blocks with warm colours in the centres. 

Lay out the blocks and arrange them so you have blocks alternating warm and cool centres. Try to avoid concentrations of particular colours. 

Once you are happy with the arrangement stitch the blocks together. I used whip stitch but have a look here for different joining techniques.

The final step was to crochet a border of scs (dcs) all the way round.

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