Saturday, 7 February 2015

Finished make :: Crochet covered jars

I'm only a relatively recent Mollie Makes subscriber (although I did take advantage of the digital sale over Christmas and treated myself to quite a few digital back issues when they were just 99p each).

This month's Mollie Makes was all about organisation and the minute I saw the cover stars I knew I had to make them.

The added bonus was it meant I got to try a new crochet technique - tapestry crochet. Seeing the reason I've got a 'craft of the month' is to get me to try new techniques it ticked some more boxes.

I'm forever hunting for the right crochet hook and my knitting needles are scattered everywhere, so I picked two empty jam jars suitable for storing my hooks and needles and got crocheting.

The first jar I covered was the bigger, fatter one. For this jar I went with an ombre look round the middle. I just love this combination of colours and may well be covering another jar very soon with just the stripes and no cream yarn.

I love those colours so much ...

Anyway for the second jar I tried the tapestry technique, using my own design (the rounds on my jar were a multiple of 6 so the pattern was 4 stitches in the colour then 2 in cream for 4 rows, followed by 1 row of cream and then switching to the new colour etc etc).

I found that using the tapestry technique did show through the blue yarn behind the cream, but hey I don't think it's a problem - it's just part of the design now! Still love those colours ... so here is another close up!

Here are my pair of jars together.

This is a great project to try if you've never custom shaped crochet to another object such as a jar or if you've never tried a technique like tapestry crochet.

Have you tried this project? What are you using your jars for?

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