Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My bookshelf :: Crochet books

I have a bookshelf of craft books that I've acquired over the years (like all crafters I'm sure!). Even with the advent of the Internet, and Pinterest in particular, I still buy the odd book and magazine to add to my collection. Here's a look at my crochet books ...

As I wrote about in my post about my love affair with crochet, this was the first crochet book I acquired. It covers the basics including granny squares and gave me enough information to make my first big project - a granny square blanket. It had a good range of projects but some of these are items of clothing like skirts and jackets which seem a bit advanced for a beginner, but I guess the book is not just aimed at beginners.

This book has a great range of stitches including edging, floral motifs, granny squares, lace, cables. Basically every type of stitch you could ever want to try. I've used this book mostly for floral motifs but it's a great book if you just want to crochet and try something new.

I bought this book after seeing Lucy at Attic24 mention a project she had made from it. It does have some cute projects but I've only ever made one, the coffee pot cover as some of the projects aren't really my style.

I only got this a few months ago at The Handmade Fair and it has quickly become a firm favourite. Even though I would call myself and experienced crocheter I love the simplicity of these projects and the great outcomes. All the animals follow the same basic structure and there are so many to choose from and they all have their own little story. So far I've made the elephant (of course), the rabbit and the koala (which now lives with my niece Charlotte).

This is my latest acquisition, a Christmas pressie. I'm yet to try any of the techniques or projects in this book but I'm planning on having a go with crocheting with wire and I've ordered myself some Tunisian crochet hooks*, so watch this space ...

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