Monday, 2 March 2015

Finished make :: Craft of the month January/February roundup

A slightly belated roundup of my first self designated 'craft of the month'. I nominated a craft of the month to help me try out new techniques of some of the crafts I already dabble in. For January and February I picked crochet.

My first project was a colourful tea cosy, customised to my new teapot and using some stitches I hadn't tried before.
I used the custom shaping technique I applied to the tea cosy to these crochet covered jars. This project was also the first time I actually tried tapestry crochet.

I designed my own colourful circles pattern to use as a placemat on my coffee table

I tried Tunisian crochet for the first time, although after being declared 'too bumpy' for a scarf I still haven't found a project I can apply what I've learned too.

On Saturday I also finished making a toy orang-utan 'Blake' from Edward's Menagarie which gave me the chance to learn a new stitch - fur stitch. I haven't had a chance to blog about Blake yet (although he is a bit of a hit on my instagram feed!)

Overall I'm pretty happy with what I experimented with crochet wise over the past couple of months, especially finally learning Tunisian crochet, especially when I managed to take a couple of trips abroad too!

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